AMD/ATI ''Barts'' GPU Specs, Board Shot Leaked

We all know that AMD/ATI is prepping the next generation of its GPU, which will likely come to market as the Radeon HD 6000 series.

While AMD has yet to make any of it official, there are already leaked details and some potential specs floating around the internet. Thanks to Chinese sources, we may have some details on the successor to the Radeon HD 5770, known as "Barts".

TechPowerUp has been keeping an eye on what's posted on Chinese site ChipHell, and has pictures of what could be the XT version of Barts.

Perhaps even more interesting is this presentation slide that AMD shared with one of its partners.

Hopefully AMD will have something official to share soon.

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  • enzo matrix
    Wow, this sure is old news.
  • ares1214
    Tom's, whats going on? This info has been out for a month+. And im pretty sure that slide was even a confirmed fake!
  • HKH
    Tom's is always abit behind in their news~
    But none the less, most of the articles are pretty decent