Basemark Becomes Newest Immersive Technology Alliance Member

Basemark announced that it has joined the likes of AMD, Crytek, Starbreeze, Futuremark and many other prominent companies working in the VR/AR space. Basemark is now an official member for the Immersive Technology Alliance.

Basemark is a benchmarking and analysis company focused on the semiconductor industry. The company develops tools that analyze performance and power consumption of hardware and is used by “leading semiconductor and OEM companies around the world.” Basemark’s product portfolio includes Basemark Metal, Basemark ES, Basemark X, Basemark OS and Browsermark, and it will soon include a tool designed specifically for testing performance in VR.

“Given our weight within the VR ecosystem, we have to be very selective in choosing the right bodies and consortiums where we participate,” said Tero Sarkkinen, Founder of Basemark. “We evaluated and found that the Immersive Technology Alliance is a definitive key player and therefore we feel confident that our joining the membership roster is the right decision for us and the industry. The ITA have already done important work in bringing various stakeholders together and we look forward to further contributing to the members and the industry by providing our high quality VR testing tools and technologies.”

Neil Schneider, Director of ITA, said "The ITA is very excited to welcome Basemark because their valued expertise will benefit the alliance, and their membership is proof that key industry players are jointly learning, building, and collaborating for the best user experience possible in virtual reality.” He added that the ITA is “particularly excited that Basemark is developing a benchmarking toolset for virtual reality alongside ITA member Crytek. Very exciting stuff!”

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