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Basemark Releases VRScore Benchmark Tool, Consumer Version Coming Q2

Basemark finally released its long-awaited VR benchmarking tool, VRScore, which allows you to evaluate your PC’s VR-readiness. The benchmark suite includes a performance test that stresses your system’s capabilities and a latency test that measures your HMD's display persistence.

Basemark partnered with Crytek to create a high-resolution animated sequence called "Skyharbor" that simulates a virtual reality experience. The VRScore benchmark runs the Skyharbor scene to stress test your GPU and CPU and provides a score that you can compare against other hardware configurations. Basemark worked with AMD, Intel, and Nvidia to ensure that the test works on all hardware platforms.

Basemark offers a free version of VRScore, which includes the synthetic benchmark tests. The company also offers a variety of commercial versions that feature a latency test for VR HMDs. The latency test, which Basemark calls VRTrek, requires a special piece of hardware that Basemark created. The VRTrek latency tool detects light coming from the HMD, and the VRScore software compares the time the signal was sent to when the VRTrek device detected it.

Basemark released the commercial versions of VRScore on January 30. To obtain a license, contact Basemark’s sales department. The company said the free and professional versions of Basemark would be available in Q2 2017.