Silent Base 800 is be quiet!'s First Case and Looks Promising

Manufacturer be quiet! is known for its power supplies, CPU coolers, and fans. The vendor has never built a PC case, until now. The case will be called the Silent Base 800, and from the looks of it the product will be a very good offering.

Aesthetically, the case is already recognizable as a be quiet! unit. be quiet!’s colors are black with orange or white accents, and we see exactly this same theme on the case, although instead of white, the company used gray accents. The design is also very simple, so for those of us who like minimalistic case designs this one might be worth a look.

Internally, you’ll be able to house up to ATX motherboards, long graphics cards, tall CPU coolers, seven 3.5” drives split over two cages, three optical drives, and an ATX PSU of almost any length. SSDs can be mounted behind the motherboard tray. The exact measurements are not yet available.

Cooling is handled by three Pure Wings 2 fans, two of which are 140 mm variants and one of which is a 120 mm version. It is unclear whether fans can be mounted at the top of the case as an exhaust, although we reckon this will be possible – be quiet! would be cannibalizing its sales if not.

Pricing will be set at €119 in Europe, which means that if this case comes to the US we can expect a price tag of about $119. European availability is expected for October.

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  • Shneiky
    Using be quiet! products for a while - I do say - they are one of the top dogs in the game. Not a lot of people know them and the german company products are mostly available in Europe, but they are walking circles around the competition. Make this one with a red tint instead of orange and I am damn sold.
  • Lutfij
    This is the case that should go into the 3rd part of the elite case articles.
  • Shneiky
    I definitely agree. But, I do wish they made a version with mesh front and 5.25 meshed bay covers without a hinged door. (Yes, I am a sucker for meshes. M-m-m meeesh! A reason why I got the HAF 912+ long ago)