Biostar Confirms X570 Motherboard Launch At Computex 2019

Biostar has officially confirmed via a press release published on the company's website that it will launch it's fourth-generation Biostar Racing series of AMD motherboards for AMD's upcoming Ryzen desktop processors.

(Image credit: Biostar)

Biostar's announcement is the official acknowledgment that AMD's X570 motherboards will see the light of day at Computex 2019, which will be held between May 28 and June 1. Biostar was careful not to mention the term X570 or the Ryzen 3000-series in the press release. The motherboard manufacturer's current third-generation Racing AMD motherboards are based on the X470 chipset. Using logical reasoning based on the established naming convention, the fourth-generation of Biostar's motherboards should carry the X570 badge, unless AMD decides to magically release a different chipset between now and then, which is highly unlikely.

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Row 0 - Cell 0 X570X470X370
Memory Support?DDR4-2933DDR4-2667
USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps?22
USB 3.1 Gen 1 5Gbps?66
USB 2.0?66
SATA 3.0 Ports?44
SATA Express Ports / PCIe Gen 3?22
Chipset General Purpose PCIe Gen 2?88
PCIe InterfacePCIe 4.0PCIe 3.0PCIe 3.0
Processor PCIe Interface?1x16 / 2x81x16 / 2x8
Overclocking Enabled?YesYes
XFR2 Enhanced?YesNo
Precision Boost Overdrive?YesNo
SATA Raid?0/1/100/1/10
NVMe Raid?0/1/100/1/10

AMD has been keeping a tight lid on the X570 chipset, but the high-end chipset should be a game changer on many levels. It's not only designed to exploit the upcoming Ryzen 3000-series, which are rumored to feature up to 16 cores, but also the first motherboard chipset to come with support for the latest PCIe 4.0 standard.

Being the flagship chipset, overclocking support on the X570 chipset is a given. Taking into consideration the evolution from X370 to X470, we could expect the X570 to come with better memory support and support for AMD's other exclusive technologies, such as XFR2, Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) and StoreMI. The quantity of USB ports is anyone's guess at this point.

Biostar will demo the brand's forthcoming X570-based motherboards at Computex 2019. Therefore, we should have more information on the X570 chipset soon.

Zhiye Liu
News Editor and Memory Reviewer

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