Production Begins On The Calyos NSG S0 Fanless Chassis

When we spotted the Calyos NSG S0 prototype at Computex 2017, information on the chassis’ specs and features were limited. Funded in just 30 hours on Kickstarter, the high-end case recently entered production and is expected to reach backers later this month.

The Calyos NSG S0 is a massive passively cooled phase-change cooler that also doubles as a computer case. This chassis, designed by Watermod, measures 537 x 495 x 276mm and weighs in at roughly 22lbs without any hardware installed.

The Calyos NSG S0 features a full cover tempered glass side panel, separate CPU and GPU heat exchangers, and support for up to E-ATX motherboards. This large aluminum chassis supports graphics cards up to 279mm long and standard ATX size power supplies (active and passive). There are also dual-purpose mounting locations that can be fitted with either five 3.5" or five 2.5" hard drives, five 120mm fans, or a combination of each. A vertically oriented GPU mounting slot connects to your motherboard via a PCI-e X16 riser cable.

Now that we have the basic specs out of the way, let’s talk about what makes this chassis different from other cases. The Calyos NSG S0 requires no external power, is 100% passively cooled, and features no moving parts, such as fans or pumps, which makes it ideal for silent builds.

There are two separate phase-change cooling loops, one for the CPU and one for the GPU. These phase-change coolers are based on a sealed loop heat pipe design composed of an evaporator with integrated capillary pump and reservoir, and a tubed condenser connected to high-pressure CPU / GPU blocks. As the heat energy is absorbed through the CPU / GPU blocks, the heated coolant returns to a gaseous state. The heated vapor then travels back through the condenser via the capillary tubes where it is cooled and the process repeats itself in an endless loop.

The company claimed the Calyos NSG S0 is capable of dissipating up to 475W of heat energy and that those of you interested in using this chassis for extreme overclocking can add up to five 120mm fans to help dissipate even more heat energy.

AMD's TR4, AM4, FM2+, FM2, FM1, AM3+, and AM3 sockets as well as Intel's LGA2011, LGA115X, LGA775/1366 sockets are all supported. A CPU block of your choice will be included with your purchase.

Prices seem to have gone up since we first spotted this chassis at Computex. Kickstarter backers originally paid roughly $575 for the Calyos NSG S0, and new orders are up over $100 from the original $675 price from earlier this year. Backers are expected to receive their cases by the end of the month.  New orders are scheduled to ship in December.

  • Rembrandt_82
    Actually, the production is delayed, Calyos is expecting to start shipping to backers on December 4th, not this month.
  • BulkZerker
    Extreme over clockers? This is just enough to run a i9 system without it throttling