Casey Hudson Hired As Creative Director At Microsoft Studios, Will Focus On HoloLens

Casey Hudson rose to gaming fame through his work at BioWare. For 15 years he worked for a company that produced some of the industry's best-known titles such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, where he served as project director, and most recently, the Mass Effect series, which he also directed.

Despite the high profile position, Hudson left BioWare last August, but now he has a new employer. Microsoft hired Hudson as a creative director for Microsoft Studios, the company's gaming division.

Hudson explained that most of his efforts at his new job will be focused on the "creative direction of HoloLens Experiences," which means he'll have a heavy hand in not only creating some of the demos at events, but some of the content that will come from Microsoft when HoloLens is ready for the public. Additionally, Hudson will be working with other Xbox and Windows gaming titles by providing what he calls "clear direction and creative vision."

With this recent hiring, it's obvious that Microsoft is looking at providing more gaming-related content for HoloLens. What we saw at BUILD a few weeks ago wasn't exactly something that would delight gamers, but Hudson's experience in the industry could change that in the coming months. There could be some exclusive HoloLens content, just like some of Valve's demos with Vive at GDC, and even a slight possibility of HoloLens working with the Xbox One. Unfortunately, it's still too early in the process to see what's down the road for HoloLens.

What will be interesting to see is what happens to Hudson's role when HoloLens is launched. The fact that he works in Microsoft Studios will probably mean that he gets to dip his hand into multiple gaming projects other than HoloLens. Depending on its success, Hudson could be leading a team of developers in creating some very unique content for HoloLens.

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  • BFU2Miners
    Makes sense because right after he left Bioware there were rumors that he was working for/with Oculus Rift.
  • cats_Paw
    After the mass effect 3 ending fiasco Im unsure how to take this, but I assume we aint being told everything.