CeBIT 2008: Matrox: No 3D, But Still a Prosumer Manufacturer

Faithful to its calling, the company reminded us its goal was still to provide solutions that gave something more to consumers than the basic existing products. Practically, Matrox didn't have anything new destined to the mass market, the Millennium P690 being launched recently. The manufacturer was showing two new solutions meant for prosumers, which testifies of the increasing importance of this market.

Those two solution try to send the user or the screen as far away from the PC as possible. The Veos Display launching mid 2008 will allow up to a 100 m of coaxial cable to link the two daughter cards. On the other hand, the second solution uses a fiber optic cable to link the PC to a box, cooled passively, that will take care of video rendering and that will be connected to the display peripheral. The user can then control a machine meters away, if they alight themselves of $3000.

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