MSI demonstrated an EFI motherboard on its CeBIT booth. EFI is the next generation of BIOS that hasnever seen the light of day in our PC even as we've waited for it for so long. It was only a demonstration and MSI clearly stated that it wasn't planning on selling the board any time soon.

The manufacturer's interface was pleasant and surely more attractive than the BIOS' blue and white. Five choices are available in the menu: Basic settings, overclocking (the only functional aspect of the demonstration), ECO (which looks like the energy saver feature) and finally... games. This EFI doesn't seem to take advantage of the possibility to connect to the Internet and get updates directly for instance.

Regarding overclocking, we were quite disappointed. We haven't seen anything but option that we normally find on today's BIOS and in the same order. We do benefit from a better image thanks to the presentation of options on the same page and a less depressing layout. However, we don't find burn-in test, graphical gages and advanced information like in CPU-Z.

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