CeBIT 2008: Western Digital Unleashes New Models

From Passport to MyPassport - the 2.5" drives are being remodeled to resemble the 3.5" MyBook line

According to WD, the company owns about 20% of the market for 2.5" laptop hard drives. At any rate, a look at the current 320 GB Scorpio drive confirmed that the company is certainly moving in the right direction. It offers good performance, and its main competitor Seagate is unable to offer a competitive product with comparable storage space. Western Digital has also been selling the 2.5" Scorpio as a portable product under the name Passport as well. This product line is currently being revised and updated. Expect to see it shortly, sporting new colours and a book-like design under the name MyPassport. The new name and their design position these products closer to the very successful MyBook line of external hard drives. WD also expects to be able to offer 2.5" drives measuring 9.5 mm high with a capacity of up to 500 GB before the end of the year.

MyBook Studio Edition, now with USB 2.0, Firewire 800 and Serial ATA.

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The company remained tight lipped about the next generation of the very popular Raptor line of 10.000 rpm drives. All we know that the next generation is indeed on its way with initial samples possibly arriving as early as spring. WD promised us that the competition can expect "transfer rates of over 100 MB/s" and radical technological innovations.

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