Zalman Shows Reserator 3 Max Dual, FX70, Shark Fin Fans

The star of Zalman's 2014 CPU cooling line, Reserator 3 Max Dual, uses the same heat-pipe-gone-liquid design of its previously tested single space effort, but spreads it across twice as many round radiator coolant lines between the radiators circumventing fitment issues of protruding tanks that affect competitive designs.

Zalman also switches this new version to standard fans with frames, easing replacement and enabling upgrades. The frame is said to direct air more effectively towards sink fins, rather than allowing it to escape from the sides.

Designed to cool most CPUs noiselessly, Zalman's new FX70 passive cooler also supports up to two fans optionally. Twisted fins are designed to better-utilize the slow updraft of air that occurs as convection.

A "Shark Fin" design to reduce turbulence represents Zalman's entire line of ZM-Plus SF (mainstream) and ZM-FDB SF (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) models. A slightly more upscale model, its ZM-DF12 employs a staggered dual-blade design, noise-dampening silicon corners, and a push-button center for manual speed control.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.