Asus XG Station Approaches Availability

Announced around a year ago, Asus' external graphics enclosure is nearly production ready, according to company sources.

The XG Station houses a single or double-slot PCI-Express x16 graphics card, using a notebook's Express Card interface to provide x1 bandwidth. This allows an included (unspecified model) mainstream graphics card to exceed Intel's 965GM performance by over 6.7 times, according to Asus.

The estimated performance sounds reasonable, given what we've seen from Intel integrated graphics and what we know of PCI-Express bandwidth. Asus appears to be "testing the waters" with this product: Interested parties should contact their Asus sales representative concerning production scheduling.

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  • Any word on when this puppy is comin out?
  • I'm with the above comment. Any word on this at all???
  • santa please have my asus xg station production ready by christmas :) :P

    Come on asus save me from the hell that is intel's idea of graphics!!!!

    Very unproud owner of intel 945 mobile chipset (is there really more than one chip to the 945? it dosent act like it)....