Stress Level Zero Previews 'Hover Junkers' Co-Operative VR Gameplay

Stress Level Zero is a developer you may not be familiar with, but it has the privilege of being one of the first HTC Vive developers. The company will be releasing Hover Junkers as a launch title for HTC’s Vive VR system.

The Founder of Stress Level Zero, Brandon J Laatsch, got his start on YouTube, so as a result, the development of Hover Junkers has been well documented and shared for the world to follow. In the most recent video, the developer demonstrated what cooperative gameplay looks like in the game. While two people share the same virtual area within the game, the live view of one of the players shows that only one person is in that physical space. His teammate is playing from another location online.

Hover Junkers

The video also demonstrated what playing a first person shooter in roomscale VR will look like. The player is able to physically duck behind objects for cover and reaches his arms in the air to shoot while ducking. In a previous dev diary video, Laatsch explained that all of these actions for the cover system were a result of using roomscale tracking.

Stress Level Zero said that Hover Junkers is being prepared for launch with HTC’s Vive in April. The company said there are plans for Oculus Rift support in the future, but Touch will be required to play the game on that platform. 

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  • jasonelmore
    Looks great but they are gonna have to figure out how to make those cables wireless. He almost tripped 3-4 times during that video
  • clonazepam
    A permanent setup would have the cables suspended from the ceiling or maybe a boom microphone stand.

    My ideal VR experience would be like that old video of Capcom's 'Deep Down' from 2014 concept.

    Imagine a suit with rumble motors all over your body that provide feedback when you're struck. mmhmm good stuff.
  • Dan414
    I am dismayed by all the talk of roomscale VR, ducking, and reaching, I want VR so I can lay down in my bed or recliner and play a game. I hope most games come with a way to turn off head motion requirement. I have a gym membership - I go there for exercise - not to my computer.

    Am I the only one who feels this way?