Colorful Announces GT 1030 2G Graphics Card

Colorful announced that it has added the COLORFUL GT1030 2G graphics card to its lineup of Nvidia powered GPUs.

This graphics card is based on the recently announced GeForce GT 1030, which has 384 CUDA cores, a 64-bit memory bus, and a 30W power draw that requires no external power connectors. Colorful set the core clock of its GT 1030 at 1,277MHz and the boost clock at 1,468MHz. The card is equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 6,008MHz.

The company boasts an all-solid-state capacitor power delivery design that Colorful stated delivers higher stability and reliability. The custom cooling solution features a black and red plastic shroud mated to an aluminum heatsink and a 90mm cooling fan. The additional cooling enables higher boost clock speeds and overclocking headroom.

Whereas other manufacturers such as MSI and Inno3D tout their GT 1030 offerings as multimedia and low-end gaming cards, Colorful positions its card for home / office use.

Information on pricing and availability was not available at press time.

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ProductColorful GT1030 2G
GPUGeForce GT 1030
CUDA Cores384
Core Clock1,277MHz
Boost Clock1,468 MHz
Video Memory2GB GDDR5
Memory Bus64-bit
Memory Clock6,008MHz
PCI ExpressPCIE 3.0
Display Outputs DVI-D, HDMI 2.0b
HDCP SupportYes
Multi Display Capability2
Recommended PSU300W
Direct X12
Slot Size1.5
Supported OSWindows 10 / 8 / 7 (32/64-bit)
  • dstarr3
    I'm sorry, but a 1030 is not worth two slots.
  • Pompompaihn
    That was my first reaction....what possible situation dictates a low-power card like a 1030 that's not low profile or single slot capable?
  • Karadjgne
    When adding it to an existing pre-built pc that as per usual only has the single exhaust fan, so temp control is usually a premium issue vrs noise
  • DarkSable
    Wait, what are you guys talking about? Single slot / low profile coolers are WAY hella noisier than something like this.

    Is it a somewhat ridiculous solution? Yes. But if you have two slots to spare and absolutely no need for a more powerful card, why in the world would you NOT think this was an awesome choice? Come on!
  • derekullo
    The box is colorful but the card is not.

    Bob Ross wouldn't have painted this.

    Also the pictures appear to have been taken from a 2000s flip-phone.
  • Karadjgne
    These cards are built for grandma. To upgrade onboard graphics in older generation pre-built pcs that most certainly have solid sides and little to almost no airflow. It's about as basic as it gets. It neither has to be flashy nor powerful, it just has to work well in small cases where no one cares about bling. At least it had a shroud, honestly does not need one, like so many of the other limited power video cards meant for basic upgrades. Just the addition of this cheap card will help temps tremendously as the cpu is no longer pulling double duty with cpu/igpu usage.

    Everything has its place, this is a cheap card designed for grandma to get better usage when watching her cooking YouTube videos. Stop with the negativity just because it's not a powerful video card built for a gaming pc. Be happy for grandma that she's brought into the modern community.
  • derekullo
    Silicon is expensive.

    Neon paint is not.

    If you are going to name yourself Colorful at least live up to it, even if it's for grandma.
  • Karadjgne
    Neon paint per gpu is not, I agree. Neon paint for several million units will get expensive, for exactly no return unless you raise the price point. These cards will be in competition with everything from the GT 720 to the gtx750ti, R9 250 to the Rx 460. Given the price point, anything that will save production costs will only add to consumer savings, meaning more ppl will look to it as a solution to their needs. When you by gasoline, do you go to the Shell station at $2.09 a gallon or right across the street to the BP at $2.07. For a 12 gallon fill up you saved a quarter, yet ppl will still go for the cheaper gas.
    The gtx1030 doesn't need bling, it just needs to work well for its niche and be more affordable and make more sense than it's competitors.
  • daglesj
    Why is anything still on a 64bit memory bus in 2017?
  • Karadjgne
    Because grandma is still pushing her 6 year old Dell and it works just fine for her needs other than junky video support from that weak c2d igpu. Moving up to higher bus wouldn't do anything for the card as is other than create a need for a little bit more juice, and that'd leave you with a gtx1030ti or a gtx1040. Maxwell proved that with a better balance, you didn't need as many Cuda cores etc etc as previous generations had the habit of using more and more. Pascal has just improved on that efficiency.