Colorful Unveils Two iGame GTX 1070 Cards For Chinese Market

Today is the day when Nvidia’s GTX 1070 makes its debut (read our review here), and among the manufacturers showing off their custom designs is Colorful, which built two custom cards and is also shipping the Founder’s Edition variant. The custom versions are the iGameGTX1070 X-TOP-8G (pictured above) and the iGameGTX1070 U-TOP-8G (pictured below).

Colorful did not yet provide many details about the cards. The custom variants have 10 VRM phases (8 for the GPU, 2 for the memory), along with the new i-MSD (iGame Modular Structure Design) coolers.

We don’t know at which clock speeds the cards will run, but we do know that the memory will run at the reference 8 Gbps over a 256-bit memory interface--no memory overclock to be found here.

The Founder's Edition card is, well, just a Founder's Edition card. It has the new Nvidia NVTTM cooler on it, and it has 5 VRM and runs at stock clocks. The only way you'd tell that it is a Colorful model is if you're taking it out of a Colorful-branded box.

Colorful’s Founder’s Edition GTX 1070 is available immediately in China, with the custom variants following at the end of June. Colorful doesn't sell in the U.S. market, though, so sourcing one of these may prove to be somewhat challenging.

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