Cooler Master Unveils Full Line of Street Fighter Components, Peripherals

Cooler Master Street Fighter Stuff
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If you're a big fan of the Street Fighter franchise, Cooler Master has everything you need to make pretty-much your entire desk and even the inside of your PC look like the Street Fighter 6. At its Computex 2023 suite, the company showed off a PC chassis, keyboards, mice, a headset, chairs, power supplies and AIO coolers that have either the colors or an image of popular characters, including Luke, Blanka, Ryu and Chun Li.

We had a chance to peruse the smorgasbord of tech and found it colorful and appealing . . . if you're really into the franchise. And you'd need to be really into the franchise to care whether your power supply looks more like Blanka or Luke. If you're not, most of these products have been on the market already in non-Street Fighter-themed versions.

The Cooler Master Street Fighter 6 gear includes: 

  • Caliber X2 SF6 Limited Edition Chair: Has soft memory foam that contours around your body, a reclining back rest and a "4D" armrest that can swing left, right and forward. Available in Luke (orange, blue and white), Ryu (black, red and white ) or Chun Li (blue, light blue and white) versions.

  • CH331 Street Fighter Edition Headset: This USB headset features virtual 7.1 surround sound and RGB.

  • CK570 Street Fighter Edition Keyboard: A gasket-enabled, full size mechanical keyboard with a wheel and RGB backlighting. We saw this displayed in both orange / blue (Luke) and light blue / yellow (perhaps Chun Li) colorways.

  • Hyper 212 Halo SF6 Air Cooler: A CPU air cooler with dual LED MF120 fans and RGB. Available in Luke and Ryu versions.

  • MasterLiquid 360L Core SF6 AIO: This 360mm AIO has a copper base, a new pump and CryoFuze thermal paste in the box. Available in Luke and Chun Li editions.

  • MM310 Mouse Street Fighter Edition Mouse: A wired mouse that weighs just 50g, goes up to 12,000 DPI and has RGB.

  • MP511 Street Fighter Edition Mouse Pad: Large mouse pad to go under your gear.

  • MWE Gold V2 SF6 Power Supply: This ATX 3.0 power supply operates at 1,050W and is fully modular with a fan that has a zero-RPM default. It's available in Blanka (green) or Luke (blue) colors so, if you use a case that doesn't have a shroud which hides your PSU and you've been wanting a green or blue power supply, this could be for you.

  • TD500 Mesh V2 Street Fighter Edition:  Adorned with an image of a character on the side and their colors, case can accommodate up to an E-ATX motherboard with room for up to 410mm for a graphics card and up to 360mm radiators on top or front. We saw it in both Luke and Ryu editions.

Cooler Master hasn't yet announced pricing or availability for any of these Street Fighter components. 

Matt Safford

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