Corsair Launches High-Contrast Special Edition Dominator RAM Kits

The Dominator has long been Corsair’s highest-end series of RAM products. Even in the more basic guise, these DIMMs fetch a premium due to their unique heat spreaders and fast speed. Naturally, Dominator is also the home of Corsair’s most exclusive RAM. The last unique Dominator kit we saw was the heat-treated Special Edition Torque. Corsair is now offering another one called the Special Edition Contrast.

Like the Torque, the Contrast shares the basic design of its heat spreader with the regular Dominator memory. Instead of having a full-metal silver or red rail lining the top of the DIMM, however, the Contrast edition is adorned by a glossy black rail with integrated white LED lighting. The main body of the heat spreader is also painted white instead of the usual black.

As with the Torque, the Contrast DIMMs are fast, but they aren’t Corsair’s fastest. They’re priced competitively with regular Dominator kits of the same speed, so you aren’t paying much of a premium for the aesthetics. It comes only in DDR4-3466 and in 2 x 16GB or 4 x 8GB kits, which are available now at Corsair’s website for $440 and $480, respectively.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Dominator Platinum Special Edition Contrast
Data RateDDR4-3466 (XMP)
Capacity4 x 8GB or 2 x 16GB