Corsair's Flyweight (85g) Katar Gaming Mouse Ships With Pro Gamer-Designed Custom Settings

Talk about lightweight; we've seen some truly light gaming mice recently, but at 85g, Corsair's new Katar gaming mouse is a relative feather.

Designed for MOBA and FPS gaming, the ambidextrous mouse was designed with input from pro eSports gamers, who created their own custom settings so you can try out their configs in Pro Player Mode. DPI settings run from 100-8,000 (and can be adjusted on the fly with a lone button), and it offers four programmable buttons and polling rates up to 1000 Hz.

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Corsair KatarHeader Cell - Column 1
DPI100 - 8,000
Game typeMOBA, FPS
Programmable buttons4
Report rate125/250/500/1,000 Hz
Onboard memoryYes
Dimensions110.7 x 63.9 x 38.4 mm
CUE SoftwareSupported
LightingRed backlighting
Mouse feetExtra Large PTFE
Cable1.8m Tangle Free Rubber
Warranty2 years
Price$39.99 MSRP

Note that although the Katar has red backlighting, there's apparently no RGB support. Customization can be done via Corsair's Utility Engine software, and the mouse has onboard memory (although Corsair did not specify how much).

Also note that instead of the commonly-seen braided cable, the Katar's is made of "tangle-free" rubber.

Usually, we'd expect a product like this one that has endorsements from eSports pros to be marked up, but Corsair has the Katar listed at just $39.99. You can get it now from Corsair's usual retail partners.

A Mouse Pad, Too

Along with the announcement of the Katar gaming mouse, Corsair made mention of a new mouse pad, the MM300, which comes in three different sizes.

Designed as somewhat of a companion to the Katar, Corsair said that the MM300 is optimized for both optical and laser sensors, with a 3 mm "deep textile-weave material" and reinforced stitches edges to prevent fraying and peeling. The bottom sports "anti-skid" rubber.

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MM300 Small256 x 210 x 3 mm$14.99
MM300 Medium360 x 300 x 3 mm$19.99
MM300 Extended930 x 300 x 3 mm$29.99


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