Corsair Releases Two New Force Series GT SSDs

These models join the 60GB and 120GB Force Series GT models already on the market. They utilize the SandForce SF-2280 controller with native support for SATA 6Gb/s (SATA 3). They are backward compatible with SATA 3Gb/s, and include an 3.5-inch adapter for use in desktop PCs.

The drives utilize ONFI synchronous flash memory. Their performance numbers according to Corsair: Sequence read/write speeds of up to 555 MB/s  read — 525 MB/s write based on ATTO benchmark, along with 85,000 IOPS (4k aligned) based on IOMeter 08

The new Force Series GT SSD models are available from authorized distributors and retailers worldwide at a U.S. suggested retail price of $379 for the 180GB model, and $489 for the 240GB model.

For more information, visit the product page.

  • dimar
    They should refund 20% the price every time it crashes.
  • gmp23
    The price of these things is insulting.
  • soundping
    Still not the general public price range.
  • rantoc
    The GT series is designed for true Entusiasts not mainstream, the price is premium for the extra speed and if the price scares you then stay away. In real life that extra speed over say a Force 3 will be very very hard to notice in normal desktop computers but if the pocket is deep and the desire is there for that tad of extra speed why not.
  • jimmysmitty
    soldier37Got to pay to play...I have 2 current generation 128Gb SSDs(desktop and Lap) and they fly. Windows boots in 8-12 seconds and apps are zippy. Well worth the $550 I paid for both total.
    Yea SSDs are fast. I have a Intel X25-M G2 and its plenty fast for what it is, my desktops OS drive.
  • zxcvbnm44
    Notice "ONFI synchronous flash memory."

    Synchronous flash means that the benchmark results might actually mean something in real world applications. We all know, or should all know, that current generation Sandforce controllers teamed with asynchronous flash results in almost equal looking benchmarks to synchronous flash. However, these results often translate quite poorly to real world applications. The official line is that this only applies to compressed data, but in actual fact the problem is somewhat more widespread.

    Google "NAND Flash Synchronous vs. Asynchronous" and look around. You may even come across some reading that justifies this exact line of Corsair products.

    In other words, synchronous flash really makes a difference in speed and if you need that speed, it must be taken into consideration. Most users will find that just about any current SSD will be enough to give them the gains they want over magnetic storage, and thus they should look elsewhere for better value.
    Like rantoc said "The GT series is designed for true Entusiasts (sic) not mainstream, the price is premium for the extra speed and if the price scares you then stay away."

  • southernshark
    It is a valid criticism about the price. There will always be people who will "pay to play" but that does not mean the price is a selling price. It just means that someone will pay it. It does not mean that the product will be a commercial success. These drives need to be larger and about 1/2 their current price before they can be a consumer product, and that is where the real money is at. As for why they would want to lower the price... to sell more units..... its called capitalism.
  • deksman
    And the prices are still way too high.

    Capitalist morons.
    Whoever said this system is good for progress was dumber than a piece of wood.
    Consumer tech is toying in obscurity.
    SSD's should have been available in early 2000's.

    And to all those who claimed the prices will 'soon go down'...
    Lol... it's been over 2 years.
    The prices are still way too high to justify them.

  • @Deksman: You seem unknowledgeable, about SSDs and Capitalism both. The price per gigabyte for SSDs has decreased substantially since they became available to consumers. If you want cheaper drives then don't go for the top of the line ones or wait until they are cheaper. And on the subject of capitalism, it has made your life better than you know. Have some respect man.