Corsair Launching Three Fast New SSDs

Memory company Corsair is diving deeper into the SSD market with plans to roll out a 512GB model that is focused on performance.

According to Hexus, the SSD will be of a 3.5-inch form factor – making it a desktop solution – and will supposedly feature a 128MB cache and read and write speeds of 200MB/s and 240MB/s, respectively. Right now it's on UK e-tailer Scan's website listed at £1,064.15 (without VAT), or nearly $1,700.

Those wanting to go with Corsair but have it inside a notebook will have to consider the company's just revealed 2.5-inch offerings. Hexus reports that the new Corsair Reactor series will come in 60GB and 120GB capacities, at around £147 ($235) and £285 ($455), respectively. The Reactors have 128MB of onboard cache, and read and write speeds are quoted at 250MB/s and 110MB/s, respectively, for the 60GB drive, and the larger 120GB offering will hit 250MB/s and 170MB/s.

Those who want more speed and are fond of the Indilinx Barefoot controller can turn to the slightly more expensive Nova series, also in similar capacities as the Reactor. The extra $10-$20 will buy and read speeds of up to 215MB/s and write speeds of 130MB/s on the 60GB model and 195MB/s on the 120GB model.

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  • JohnnyLucky
    Ouch! Those drives are expensive!!!
  • n8dogg
    What the hell is a lopster? I personally have never eaten at a salid bar but I would assume it's some sort of hooker bar??
  • godwhomismike
    hakestermanIt is ridiculous how many cheap chumps keep commenting on price. It's new technology, what do youwant them to give them to you for free. If you can't afford the steak and lopster don't look at it, lookat the salid bar.

    First, your spelling is terrible, so not many people are going to take your post seriously.

    Second, SSD drive prices went up significantly since October. 256GB SSD drives used to generally cost between $599 and $680. Now they are $740 - $800+ for the same drives that were on the market back in October. .
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  • pink315
    Give me some sandforce drives
  • Niva
    I believe you have your read and write speeds reversed. Quote "and will supposedly feature a 128MB cache and read and write speeds of 200MB/s and 240MB/s, respectively."
  • The Greater Good
    Here's to hoping that more space and speed will lead to lower prices for the smaller capacity drives.