Say Hello To Cougar's New GX-F, Dapper PSU Lines

Cougar revealed two new PSU lines during Computex 2017: the fully modular GX-F featuring 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, and the mainstream Dapper line with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency and fixed cables.

The GX-F family consists of three models with capacities ranging from 550W to 750W. All feature a fully modular cable design and HDB fans, which will last for a very long period. The depth of those PSUs is restricted to 150mm, while the max operating temperature for continuous full load operation is 50°C. Unfortunately even the strongest GX-F model with 750W capacity features a single EPS connector. The two stronger members of the family also come with four PCIe connectors, and the 550W unit has two PCIe connectors, which will suffice for its capacity.

The upcoming Dapper line from Cougar is mostly for mainstream systems and people who don’t mind paying less for a PSU that doesn’t have any modular cables. There are three members in this line with 450W to 650W capacities. All have a single EPS connector. The 650W model is equipped with four PCIe connectors, the 550W model with two, and the 450W unit with just one.The cooling fan has 120mm diameter and the depth of those units is only 125mm. Finally, all Dapper models have a temperature rating of 40°C for full load operation.

The Dapper units are highly affordable and will most likely help those products achieve high performance-per-buck scores in our tests.

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ModelMSRPAvailability Date
GX-F 750$110July 2017
GX-F 650$100July 2017
GX-F 550$90July 2017
Dapper 650$58July 2017
Dapper 550$48July 2017
Dapper 450$43July 2017
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • dstarr3
  • Karadjgne
    Unfortunately on the EPS? How so? A single 4+4 suffices for any normal mobo, especially budget orientated, or am I missing something?

    Historically, Cougar has primarily used HEC, with a couple of Andyson units and a scattering of Guangzhou, should we expect more of the same?
  • Aris_Mp
    OEM is HEC of course.
  • Karadjgne
    So solidly mediocre....
  • Virtual_Singularity
    ^ This. But otoh I guess it can be said the manufacturer is at least attempting to keep up with it's target audience. Good article all the same.