Crucial MX100 SSDs Expected to Pack Micron 16 nm Flash

According to a report posted in Dutch on NL, Crucial is working on a new generation of SSDs that will be known as the MX100 series of SSDs. The report indicates that the SSD will be built with Micron's new 16 nm flash, which reportedly will make the SSD very affordable.

The report doesn't give much else in the way of technical specifications. All we know, based upon the report, is that the SSDs will come in a 2.5" form factor and will employ the 16 nm Micron flash. Performance is expected to sit right between that of the M500 and M550 SSDs, with the lineup succeeding the M500 series.

Pricing is also expected to be lower than the M500 series of SSDs, which are already extremely competitively priced as is. This is a good development of which we hope to see more, though we fear that due to an incoming stream of M.2 SSDs, SSD prices in general won't go down all that much over the next few weeks, if not months.

When asked for comment, a company representative offered the following statement:

The word is out that Crucial will be launching a new SSD in the early June 2014 timeframe called the Crucial MX100 SSD. The new MX100 will be a competitively-priced, 2.5" SSD based on Micron’s new 16nm chips, and will be the successor to the Crucial M500 drive. The high-performance Crucial M550 drive will also remain part of the Crucial SSD product line-up.

We'll get back to you when more details are available about these MX100 units at Computex.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • tobalaz
    I just forked out $140 US to put a 250GB Evo 840 in my pc and it floats!
    Can't wait for a 1TB option at an affordable price so I can pop that baby in there too and finally get rid of my HDDs for SSDs once and for all.
    Really, dear god HDD->SSD is like the single best upgrade possible, anything that brings down prices I'm all good with.
  • BranFlake5
    Won't this hurt longevity?
  • 2Be_or_Not2Be
    Considering that the M550 didn't perform really well at 128GB - which is a good budget capacity - I really don't expect these budget drives to perform well at all. They didn't do too well in performance consistency, and they weren't the fastest either. Going down to 16nm from 20nm MLC will also reduce durability/endurance.

    So I suppose the proper use case for this drive will be for getting a SSD at the lowest price point and ignore all the other factors.