Cryorig Reveals Cryo-Paste and Multi-Color Customod Heatsink Shrouds

Last year we gave Cryorig a Best of Computex award (Best Startup), mainly because it had already built a fairly impressive assortment of products despite being a newcomer to the market. One of the company's efforts at the time was to increase customizability of their cooling products, and today, with Computex around the corner again, Cryorig is revealing two new products: its Customod covers and Cryo-Paste.

The Cryo-Paste will come in three flavors (although we'd advise against tasting them): CP5, CP7 and CP15. The first of the lot is the top-of-the-line paste, with a high particle density and excellent thermal performance, albeit at the cost of higher viscosity, which makes installation a little more difficult.

Cryorig CP15 sits at the other end of the scale, offering a simple low-maintenance paste that's easy to apply. CP7 sits right in the middle. Thermal conductivity for the CP5 paste is 9.3 k, CP7 at 8.3 k, and CP15 conducts at 5.7 k. All the tubes contain four grams of the stuff, which is plenty for most applications.

Included with the Cryo-Paste tubes is a "Specialized Cryo-Paste Spreader," which is essentially just a credit card-shaped tool you can use to spread the thermal interface material over your CPU surface. It's nice of Cryorig to ship one of these along, however, we'd advise against using it. Spreading of the paste should be done through pressure applied by the CPU cooler during mounting, as spreading it beforehand can trap air bubbles in the contact area, reducing thermal transfer. The included alcohol pad is a minor but welcome accessory, though.

A Customod cover is a plastic shroud for Cryorig's R1 cooler, and you can choose a color to match your motherboard. If you keep your system under the table or don't have a side window, there may not be much of a point, but if you keep your system in sight it's a nice touch. Color options include red, orange, green, blue, gray and white.

Both of the new products will be available sometime this summer.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • SinxarKnights
    I want to see some test of this Cryo Paste. I got some CP 9 with my HSF and it simply doesn't compare to some cheap MX-2. Got an 8c difference in just switching paste alone. I admit it is possible it wasn't applied properly as the stuff is like spreading frozen butter on soft bread.