Cyber Prusa: The Official Cyberpunk 3D Printer Mod by Prusa

Cyber Prusa
(Image credit: Josef Prusa)

If you're a fan of Prusa printers, you're going to love this amazing Cyberpunk-themed mod. The project was thought-up and delivered entirely by the team at Prusa.

The mod is completely custom, featuring an original Cyberpunk-themed design mod for the Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ 3D printer. The team went well above and beyond to do much more than a simple paint job.

The mod features beautiful 3D-printed assets with edgy, angular shapes. All of the components have been painted bright yellow and blue with rusty edges for a gritty yet sleek Cyberpunk design. Everything from the frame to the extruder has been doused with a good dose of Cyberpunk aesthetic.

Even the nozzle fan was fitted to use a custom grill with the Cyberpunk logo on it. The motors and cable housing have been painted, as well. Absolutely everything pops--especially the heated bed, which glows with the help of some LED strips.

Best of all, everything was designed so users can still disassemble the printer for general maintenance. If you want to create this project at home, you can download the files from Prusa and print them yourself. Check out the full blog post for more details and pictures of the assembly process.  

Ash Hill
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