Fractal Design's Define R5 Blackout Edition Available Worldwide

Two weeks ago, Fractal Design introduced an all-black version of its Define R5 case, appropriately named the Define R5 Blackout Edition. At the time, only U.S.-based customers could get their hands on the new case variant, but that changed today as Fractal Design released the Define R5 Blackout Edition for the rest of the world.

The case comes in two versions: a Window edition, which features a slightly tinted window side panel, and the regular Blackout Edition, which has an additional fan mount and what the company calls a "ModuVent" system located at the top of the case. This feature allows users to seal the top of the case if they don't want to use it as an exhaust vent.

Other features on the ATX-supported motherboard include space for three dual-slot GPUs up to 310 mm (440 mm without the hard drive cages), two 5.25-inch drives for optical drives, eight 3.5-inch drives, and two 2.5-inch SSD drives. For cooling, the case includes a three-speed fan controller and room for a 420 mm radiator at the top and 360 mm radiator in the front. To install the front radiator, however, you will need to remove the 5.25-inch drive cage.

The Define R5 Blackout Edition will cost you $109.99 ( €119.99,  £89.95) and the Window variant costs $119.99 ( €129.99, £94.95). Some parts of the original Define R5, such as the hard drive tray mounts, fans, and PCIe covers were painted white. With the Define R5 Blackout Edition, those parts are now all black, giving the case a consistent color scheme. How much more black could the case be? The answer is none. None more black.

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