Dell Adamo Battery Not Swappable

Move over Apple MacBook, word’s come out that the Dell Adamo does not have an easily swappable battery.

We’re all collectively lusting after the form-conscious Dell Adamo. It’s sleek, looks well-built, and something we’d love to have with us while we’re mobile -- unless if battery life is an factor.

Pocket-lint reports that the Dell Adamo does not have an easily removable battery, meaning that users who are looking for unplugged time beyond a single pack will be out of luck.

While a swappable battery is commonplace on electronics, there’s been a recent trend of building the power system integrated as part of the internals. Apple’s MacBook Air has an integrated battery, likely to facilitate the slim form factor. The new MacBook Pro 17-inch also does away with the swappable battery for the sake of a larger pack to extend uptime.

Dell has yet to explain the Adamo’s battery design, but we figure that it is done for reasons similar to Apple’s on the MacBooks. We’ll keep you posted as soon as Dell spills on the replacement and service costs.

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  • lire210
    well thats lame.
    looks better then a macbook tho really sexy.
    love the lid just looks cool brushed alu and all nice.
    Hope that the reports are wrong but tomz is good so=(
  • jsloan
    looks over substance.
  • thepinkpanther
    meh i think the voodoo envy 133 is better than the other 2 (Alamo, Mack book.) However, no matter how good it looks, id never buy a laptop without discrete graphics card, id settle for the 3470, or 9400. I know mack book has the 9400, but i think its the uglyist (my opinion.)