Dell introduces 13.5 TB storage system

Dell announced a new version of its Power Vault direct attached storage (DAS) enclosure. The new model MD1000 is compatible with 3.5" SAS hard drives, which the company claims, provide a 30% increase in data throughput and twice the storage capacity of 2.5" SAS drives. The company claims that the device is the industry's first storage enclosure based on the proposed Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) specification, which aims to standardize external disk subsystem technologies.

The maximum capacity of the MD 1000 is 13.5 TB, consisting of three shelves with 4.5 TB or 15 300 GB drives each. The DAS supports 36 GB, 73 GB and 146 GB 15,000 rpm drives as well as 73 GB, 146 GB and 300 GB 10,000 RPM storage units.

Pricing for the Power Vault MD1000 starts at $4200.