More Dell Mini 10 Details Trickle Out

Although Dell doesn’t appear as keen in the netbook market as its Taiwanese OEM competitors, the Mini 10 does appear to be just as competitive as anything out there.

The thing is, though, that that Mini 10 isn’t out available yet, making it hard to judge against the other 10-inch netbooks on the street. Still, we liked what we saw at CES 2009 and are eager to learn more.

Dell’s still keeping its cards close to its chest, but a slide from Engadget reveals a few more details. For starters, the 1366 x 768 “720p” resolution is the high-end option, as there now lists a 1024 x 576 resolution as well.
While all the other 10-inch netbooks run 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processors, the Mini 10 will give users the choice of a 1.3 GHz on top of the usual 1.6 GHz -- though both will be Silverthorne.

Netbooks by nature of form factor do not have built-in optical drives, but the slide lists and optional “DVD slice,” which is sure to be a slimline external drive. Finally, there lists an option between 3- and 6-cell batteries.

The more premium hardware, such as the TV tuner, multitouch trackpad and higher resolution leads us to believe that the Mini 10 will be a bit more expensive than the rest, but hopefully Dell will reveal all soon.

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