Dell Ships Its Second DisplayPort And HDMI Monitor

Round Rock (TX) - Dell is now shipping its second monitor capable of both DisplayPort and HDMI input. The new 2408WFP follows the company's 30" 3008WFP which had an impressive list of inputs including HDMI and DisplayPort.

The 2408WFP was actually announced back in December, but the company started shipping worldwide at the beginning of this week. Specs are similar to the older 2407WFP-HC, but this time color gamut was extended to 110% (up from 92% from 2407WFP-HC or average 72% on regular 2407WFP).

The 2408WFP also features HDMI and DisplayPort combination seen on the 3008WFP and we discovered that Dell is going to introduce this connectivity combination across the range. Next in line should be the new 27" screen, while affordable 20 and 22"ers will have to wait until next generation.

What makes 2408WFP especially interesting is the fact that Dell did not increase the price, which was the case with the new 30" (3007WFP-HC retailed for as low as $1099, 3008WFP goes for $1999) - on, price for 2408WFP was set at $699 plus shipping.

One thing is certain - Dell's display division wants to drive DisplayPort as much as it can, but it looks out of sync with the rest of the company, since Dell is not shipping any DisplayPort-enabled computers.... Yet.