Revised Dell XPS 700 to feature overclocked Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU

Grapevine (TX) - On the day Intel announces its next generation of Conroe desktop processors - which is expected within days - Dell Computer will upgrade its top-of-the-line XPS 700 desktop computer model to offer not only an overclocked Core 2 Extreme CPU, but also the option of two Nvidia GeForce 7900 GTX cards in SLI mode. These will apparently replace the Pentium Extreme processor and GeForce 7900 GS options currently available, and will be in addition to the Aegia PhysX accelerator already offered.

This news comes straight from the top: Dell Computer Chairman Michael Dell personally unveiled the upgraded system last Sunday, during a roundtable meeting at the site of the World Series of Video Games.

At this point, the date of the upgraded system's release is to be determined by Intel. "When Intel makes the announcement at X a.m., at that exact time, you'll be able to buy it on," Mr. Dell told reporters attending the meeting. "Whenever they announce it, it's available."

"Conroe is a great part," Mr. Dell commented. "I think whether you look at Woodcrest, Conroe, Merom, that core is a huge improvement in terms of performance and power from the prior generation, and we're very excited about what that's going to mean, all up and down the business in terms of the desktop market, mobile with Merom, [and the] Woodcrest servers that are already starting to go out. I think it's a real nice advancement."

Certain buildouts of the XPS series are produced in limited editions, such as the Renegade edition of the XPS 600, which is adorned with silkscreened fire and whose sale price eclipses the $10,000 mark. "We had this Renegade desktop," Mr. Dell said, "and then we sold them all in, like, 36 hours; and then we had this incredible number of customers trying to contact us afterwards [saying,] 'You have to give me what I really want!'" He then implied that a similar limited edition would be made available for the newly revised XPS 700, but he declined to reveal specifics.

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