A Look At Public Events, Adventures In Upcoming 'Destiny 2' Expansion

After showing off Osiris and Mercury last week, Bungie is back with another stream to reveal more content for the upcoming “Curse of Osiris” expansion for Destiny 2. The week’s show is focused on the activities that you can participate in as you fight the latest threat against the Traveler.

Bungie previously teased a new public event, which it said was the largest activity of its kind in the game. The “Vex Crossroads” event will see players work together in order to take down Vex forces. You’ll also encounter Gatekeepers, which you'll need to kill in order to get access to Arc charges. These charges then activate a launcher that will send you to a small “island” area where you'll need to take down even more Gatekeepers and disable warp gates. Once all the warp gates are down, you’ll need to eliminate the public event’s final boss, a towering figure called the Gate Lord. Just like other public events in other planets, there’s also an opportunity to give it a Heroic modifier, which means better rewards and tougher enemies. Once the Gate Lord is vanquished, you can open two chests to receive loot and Mercury tokens.

The planet will also have its own share of Adventures, which are additional side quests that you can take. You usually use these quests as another way to increase your player level (not to be confused with your Power level), but Bungie is providing an additional incentive to complete these missions by giving them Heroic modifiers. Like public events, the Heroic addition will introduce tougher opponents, but you’ll also get better weapons and items if you complete the mission.

The previous stream showed a section of the Lighthouse social space that featured a set of glyphs. These symbols correspond to 11 unique weapons, and the studio revealed more details about it today. In order to get these weapons, you’ll have to take on Prophecy Tablets quests, which you can obtain from Brother Vance, the main vendor in Mercury. In order to activate each tablet, you’ll need to gather a set of materials. Depending on the required items, you’ll need to participate in Crucible matches, Strike missions, Adventures, or public events to obtain them. Once all of the resources are gathered, you will then deposit the tablet onto a machine called the Forge, which will then give you one of the new weapons.

One thing that Bungie didn’t mention in the stream was the topic of Lost Sectors. Other locations in the game feature these hidden areas where you can take out a group of enemies and bosses in order to open a chest and gain loot. It’s unclear if Mercury will feature this activity, but you should still have more than enough to do on the Vex-infested planet.

The final installment of the “Curse of Osiris” livestream arrives next week. Bungie will reveal more information about the new lineup of weapons and armor available in the expansion. Aside from the usual drop of items from missions and events, there will also be gear specific to Faction Rallies and the new Raid Lair.

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