Bungie Talks Weekly Events In Latest 'Destiny' Livestream

Bungie is back this week with yet another small reveal about what players can expect with the upcoming Age of Triumph update for Destiny. This time around, the studio talked about the new weekly events and the small features that will make them unique to the game’s final update.

Some of the weekly events will provide a new reward called the Treasure of Ages from the Eververse vendor. It’s a box that will give you some cosmetic items that you may have missed in past events. This includes armor sets, emotes, emblems, and masks. There’s also a chance that the box will provide you with new items such as ships, armor shaders, and armor sets unique to the Age of Triumph event. If, for some reason, you’re looking for a specific item from the boxes, you can scrap unwanted rewards for silver dust and use the dust to purchase the armor, emote, or emblem you desperately need.

Every week, you’ll be able to earn a maximum of three Treasure of Ages boxes from three events. The first is the familiar Siva Heroic strike, and the other two chances are from new events. Instead of two Crucible (player-versus-player gameplay) playlists every week, there is now one Crucible playlist event, which involves a six-versus-six match. New bounties for these Crucible matches are available through Lord Shaxx at the Tower. There’s also a new Weekly Story Playlist that replaced the Daily Heroic Story mission. Bungie said that these will comprise of two main “chapters” each week. At the start of the event, it will include the Mars and Venus missions. The following week will have Earth and Moon missions, and the week after that will feature content from the "House of Wolves" and "The Dark Below" expansions.

If you have two other friends with you, you can try out some of the harder events. For instance, there’s the Challenge of Elders, which is for those at 390 Light level of higher. In addition to earning 10 Legendary Marks, you’ll also get a Legendary Engram. The Weekly Nightfall Strike was also improved with the addition of a Daybreak modifier, which speeds up the regeneration of each player’s abilities. Bungie said that it will add the modifier every four weeks. However, the Daybreak modifier will be available in the strike for six straight weeks from July to August.

The Age of Triumph launches on March 28, but before its start, there’s one more livestream event planned. In it, Bungie will talk about the some of the new weapons and armor included in the event as well as how it will bring back some of the raid-specific items in the new weekly event.

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