Dreamworks Animation Still HD DVD Exclusive Under Contract Terms

Burbank (CA) - In spite of the fact that the creators of HD DVD have officially abandoned the format, Dreamworks Animation is still locked in to an exclusivity contract.

So far this year, nearly everyone still involved with HD DVD has decided to stop supporting the format and either switch to Blu-ray or drop out of high-def media altogether. However, Dreamworks Animation had signed into a contract with the HD DVD consortium to release its titles exclusively on that format.

"It really is in their court at this point to really declare what the next step will be. We're poised either way to jump into the marketplace when the conditions are right to do so," said studio CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg in a Reuters interview. He also added that the studio was "well compensated" for the HD DVD switch.

One of the bigger announcements this month was that Paramount would stop its HD DVD exclusivity and move to Blu-ray, despite a contract it had with HD DVD. Though Dreamworks Animation is part of parent company Paramount Pictures, it is independently run and apparently had different contract terms.

The only upcoming high-def movie from the animation company is Bee Movie, which is scheduled to come out next month.