Dual-Display for $50

Chicago (IL) - A new software allows users to use their network connection to create a dual-display environment. Without adding expensive hardware, Maxivista extends your screen real estate to any available network computer.

Admittedly, it is not the most elegant dual-display solution. But if you can get dual-display functionality for $50 without buying dual head graphic cards, Maxivista might be worth a look.

The software installs a virtual VGA driver on your primary PC and a viewer application on the target PC, which is intended to be used as screen extension. Maxivista automatically searches for an available computer in a network with a matching ID created by the software license key.

Manufacturer Bartels Media claims that images are transmitted by lossless compression and high refresh rates. We had a first look at the application and were positively surprised how smoothly the program worked. While it might not be a desirable solution for graphic artists, it was a neat application for everyday use - especially in a network environment with computers with screens most of the time turned off.

The company said that it will soon offer a free add-on for Maxivista, which will extend the software's functionality to a screen sharing application. According to a statement, three PCs will be able to view a source screen.