Seeview intros interactive DVD case

Los Angeles (CA) - Specialty promotional group Seeview has announced a new kind of DVD case that would allow consumers to get a better preview of the movie or game content on the disc.

The idea is basically to add one of Seeview's "promotional viewer", a 3D Viewfinder, to the bottom of the case, which could be loaded with up to 12 3D slides of the video or game. It would of course be sort of awkward to hold up the bottom of a DVD case to your eyes like a pair of binoculars, but it would offer consumers a better sense of what to expect in the DVD.

"It's very innovative and inexpensive compared to fancier packaging; there's nothing like it on the market. We hope consumers will ask for all DVDs to have previewers built-in," said Seeview president Rick Andrade.

The new cases are ready to be ordered by media companies, though Seeview did not announce any partnerships it has yet created to distribute them.