TG Daily Video: Crytek's new Crysis first person shooter

If you are into first person shooter games, then Crysis is without question the title to watch out for. We had a chance to interview Crytek at E3 and get a first look at the gameplay of Crysis. The storyline isn't surprising, but the detail and the physics capability of the game that set the game apart from everything we have seen so far.

Set in the near future, the player is a member of the Delta Force soldiers who are sent to an asteroid crash site. The small hitch is that the North Koreans have arrived first and are definitely not friendly.

The opening jungle setting of Crysis may remind players of Crytek's previous game, Far Cry. Lush green and moving grass, brush and tall trees are impressive, but if you stare too long you are likely to catch a bullet from the North Koreans. Players have a rifle that can be customized on-the-fly - this is the future after all - with silencers, grenade launchers, napalm-filled bullets and tranquilizer darts.

Join us for a first impression of the game.

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