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At every E3, Pepcom organizes an off-site preview of the actual tradeshow and conference. Called "eFocus," the show isn't affiliated with the convention, but some of the same companies attending E3 also show up at eFocus. At this press-only event, a few dozen companies compete for attention and you'll see in our videos what we found to be most interesting.

In this first part, Alienware demonstrates its latest and greatest desktop and notebook systems, including 19" and 17" SLI notebooks. You'll also see the new Superman paint job on their limited edition notebooks.

Next up is Genplay who showed us their Hide and Seek game that can link up to eight computer and phone players together. Games can continue even when a phone player turns of their phones and a text message will alerts those players when they have been found.

Greystripe is another mobile phone gaming company, but instead of selling games they enable game companies to sell ads. The ads are full-screen pictures that appear at the beginning and end of the game. In addition, some ads can be full-motion video. Of course, links are included to let the user buy whatever is being shown. You can see the ads working in our video. Andy Choi of Greystripe says subsidized games have the potential of bringing better quality games to consumers.

Most people know InFocus as a business projector company, but they are now branching into a segment targeting gamers. The higher-end projector we see can output more than 1000 lumens of light and display a resolution of 720p. While lamps on projectors do need replacing every few thousand hours, you cannot beat the portability of a projector.

Rounding out the first five companies is Kingston. Officials laid out their SD, Mini-SD and Micro-SD cards for size comparisons. You can see in the video how small Micro-SD looks when placed next to a U.S. dime coin. The company also touted the privacy features of their 256-bit AES encrypted flash drives.

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Stay tuned for the second part of our eFocus coverage, which will feature Plantronics, Seagate, Toshiba, Ubicom, Via and Viewsonic.

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