EK Water Blocks Releases MX Series D5 Bay Reservoir

EK Water Blocks announced the release of a series of dual-bay reservoirs. EKWB's MX series reservoirs are more affordable variants of the company's existing EK-DBAY D5 reservoir. These reservoirs are designed to pair with a Laing D5 pump (or any of the rebranded variants) and mount into two 5.25-inch drive bays.

The EK-DBAY D5 MX reservoir features a monoblock design and is made of injection molded polymer. EKWB offers a black ABS polymer Acetal and transparent MABS polymer Plexi variants, and both options feature a large clear acrylic window on the front to see the fluid levels clearly. Behind the acrylic window, EKWB installed a piece of acrylic glass it calls an "anti-cyclone barrier." The company said this barrier prevents vortex formulation inside the turbulent reservoir.

The EK-DBAY D5 MX is sold without a pump. It includes the CNC-machined black anodized aluminum ring nut to mount the pump and the O-rings needed to create the seal. The company is also offering the EK-DBAY D5 PWM MX. This version includes a preinstalled EK-D5 PWM pump, which can be configured to adjust its speed according to CPU temperature. EKWB said it can operate at near whisper-quiet volumes when the system is idling. 

EK Water Blocks said the EK-DBAY MX series reservoirs are readily available through the EK Webshop and through various partner resellers.

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