EKWB Announces Its First Monoblock For An MSI Motherboard

EK Water Blocks introduced a pair of new monoblock water blocks designed specifically for MSI's Z170A Gaming M7 motherboard. This block isn't EKWB's first attempt at a monoblock cooler. The company has a few options for Asus motherboards, but the EK-FB Z170G is the first monoblock it has created for an MSI motherboard. This is also the first monoblock announced from EKWB designed for a Skylake motherboard.

EKWB worked closely with MSI's engineers to make sure the fit of these blocks is perfect. The cooler makes direct contact with the CPU and the MOSFET module, allowing fluid to flow directly over both components. EKWB said the monoblock was designed with the same cooling engine as the company's EK-Supremacy EVO CPU block, and it implements the same high flow design as its recent GPU block releases, allowing for less powerful pumps to be used without being an issue.

In typical EKWB form, the company is releasing two variants of the EK-FB Z170G Monoblock. Both models share the same nickel-plated electrolytic copper base found in all of EKWB's current water block lineup, but one has a clear acrylic top, and the other option comes with a block POM Acetal top.

EKWB said that both blocks are readily available now, and they both share the same $136.99 price tag.

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  • thundervore
    This is sexy! Mosfets and CPU in 1 block? So nice!!!

    It eliminates the needless tube runs.
  • Blueberries
    Looks like it would fit a Z170A XPOWER if you really want to overclock.
  • jasonelmore
    Looks like a lot of work went into this, but i gotta ask myself, how many of these will they really sell to make it worth the effort?

    Maybe they sell 50 units?

    I guess the big pc builders like digital storm might use these but i dunno. i just dont see enough market to justify it.