EKWB Eyes Asus 1070Ti Lineup, Full-Cover Waterblock Now Available

EK Water Blocks today revealed a pair of full-cover water blocks for Asus’s GeForce GTX 1070 Ti lineup. EK already offered a block for the Asus Strix GTX 1070 Ti, but now it has an option for the Cerberus and Turbo lineup.

The EK-FC1070 GTX Ti Asus water block features a full-cover design, which provides direct-contact cooling for the GPU, memory, and the voltage regulation hardware (VRMs). The block also features EKWB’s split-flow cooling engine, which directs fluid across each heat-generating component.

The base of the EK-FC1070 GTX Ti Asus water block is nickel-plated electrolytic copper, and EK offers two options for the top of the block. One has a model with a sleek black acetal top, and there's a version with a clear acrylic top. The clear version also includes RBG lighting that is compatible with the Asus Aura RGB lighting system.

EK is now accepting pre-orders for the EK-FC1070 GTX Ti Asus water blocks. The company said the first batch of units would ship on Monday, May 21. EK sells the acrylic-top block for $154.99, and the version with the black top goes for $129.99. You can also order backplates to complete the aesthetic look of your build and add passive cooling to the rear of your card. The black backplate is $38.99, and the nickel-plated version is $46.99.

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  • lpide
    Acyrlic top and back cover will cost $200 and you void the warranty? Who would do that?
  • carlosriosness
    someone who has money, wants that extra 1 or 2 degree difference, and/or cares more about looks then price. the only thing i dont get, anyone spending money on this should just be buying a 1080ti instead?
  • Casey Kelley
    You will absolutely get more than a 1 or 2 degree difference. I have a feeling you've never done custom H2O cooling because then I think you would understand why one does it.