EKWB's EK-Ascendacy Cooling Controller is Water Cooled

EKWB has decided to tease us with a sneak-peak of its upcoming EK-Ascendacy, which is a water cooling controller. Now some of you might be wondering what the point is, but there are many among us who love to tweak our hardware and get as close as possible to running the perfect cooling system. That is who the EK-Ascendacy is for – those who want absolute control and monitoring power.

As such, the EK-Ascendacy will allow you to connect a mountain of monitoring hardware and cooling equipment. It'll operate as the central hub for your cooling system. So what can you connect? Up to eight 4-pin PWM fans, each up to 15 W; a single 4-pin PWM or 3-pin pump (up to 40 W); as well as pretty much any flow meter along with as many as 10 thermal probes.

To power the unit, EKWB has fitted it with a single 6-pin PCIe connector, though its VRM (yes, the board has its own VRM circuit) is capable of sustaining up to 150 W.

To top everything off, EKWB has built a software application to monitor and control everything in Windows, which uses the CPUID monitoring library.

Two versions will come to the market: one with, and another lighter model without the LCD display for the 5.25" drive bay.

Want one? Well, you're going to have to wait. EKWB has announced that it will be available sometime in March 2014. There is no word yet on pricing.

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • Amdlova
    cooling the cooling solution? great in my country the pump, radiator fits, tubbing and fans can give amount of 1000 usd! but now this will solve my problem with heat. lol
  • nukemaster
    If the units is primarily PWM it is not like the VRM system will need much power since it will just run the controllers.

    Now run that many 3 pin fans and it can need some cooling.

    Either way, this is very cool. I hope other hardware makers follow this idea because some motherboard solutions are not always good.
  • Vatharian
    Aquacomputer Aquaero is doing just that for years. There was bigNG, but it's nice to see a competitor at last. However, I'm worried about usefulness of EK's product: you can connect only one pump. Many run two pumps, some of them are PWM controlled (MCP35X), and 40W is not an issue, however, I run three Laings D5 in serial, and each one of them is rated for 36W - with current Ascendancy setup I could only dream about managing them.
  • sbudbud
    12162347 said:
    Cool stuff
    Get out
  • jackbilson
    One of the best post i saw here. Keep it going! Thank you