Water-Cooled SSDs Are A Thing Now, As EKWB Launches 750 Series Water Block

EK Water Blocks is one of the world's leading water cooling companies. The company designs all sorts of water cooling parts, including full cover GPU blocks, CPU blocks, motherboard monoblocks, memory blocks, fittings, pump tops, reservoirs and radiators. With today's launch, EK Water Blocks is now offering cooling solutions for solid state drives. More specifically, Intel's 750 series PCI-e based drive.

The EK-FC I750 SSD is a full cover water block for Intel's PCI-e based 750 series SSD, and it is designed as a direct replacement for the passive cooler that Intel supplies. EKWB has mirrored the design of the water block to match that of the passive cooler. It features the same sweeping black line across the front, and the name of the drive is printed onto the face in the same font and location as the stock cooler. The EK-FC I750 SSD block is only being offered in one version; the base is made of nickel-plated electrolytic copper, and the top is made of stainless steel to match the stock passive cooler.

The water block features the same high-flow design philosophy found in the company's GPU and CPU blocks, which makes it possible to use less powerful pumps to operate the loop. EK is also making it easy to fit into almost any loop by including two different EK-FC Terminals with the SSD block. The company noted that some builds will not allow for side-mounted ports, so a terminal with ports on the top edge is also included in the package.

EK Water Blocks said the EK-FC I750 SSD water block is available now through the company's partner reseller network and from its own webstore, the EK Webshop. EKWB has set the price for the EK-CF I750 SSD at $99.99.

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  • jaber2
    Of course if you add a big hunk of metal it would start heating up, what a fuckedup idea is this?
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  • phantomferrari

    It annoys me when you cant tell if people are just trolling you or are just that stupid