EKWB Lights Up Gigabyte Z270 Boards With RGB Monoblock

EKWB is back again with a new motherboard monoblock for custom liquid cooling – the EK-FB GA Z270X RGB. This one is built specifically with Gigabyte’s RGB lighting in mind, and will work on a heap of its new Z270 motherboards.

The monoblock uses the EK-Supremacy EVO design for cooling the CPU area, and the remainder is milled to fit around any motherboard parts and cools the VRM circuitry. Naturally, it retains a high-flow design, so it can easily be used in systems with weaker pumps or longer, more complex loops. Contrary to many other parts EKWB makes, this one only comes as a nickel-plated copper block with a clear acrylic top – considering the lighting, it’s hard to fault EKWB for not making a variant with an opaque black top.

The RGB lighting works through an included LED strip that has a 4-pin RGB header. They’ll work on supporting motherboards' RGB headers and headers on the right LED controllers. EKWB used standard G1/4” threads for mounting fittings, and the block comes with the necessary mounting mechanism, thermal grease, and thermal pads to ensure thermal contact with the VRM circuitry.

The EK-FB GA Z270X RGB supports the GA-Z270X-Gaming 7, GA-Z270X-Gaming K7, GA-Z270X-Gaming 5, GA-Z270X-Gaming K5, GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming, GA-Z270-Phoenix Gaming, GA-Z270-Gaming 3, GA-Z270-Gaming K3, and the GA-Z270X-UD5.

Pricing sits at $137, and the block is available immediately for pre-order directly from EKWB.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • Lutfij
    RGB on a block...what's new :/ ? It's good to see more monoblocks going under their belt that cater to motherboard's outside of Asus. Hopefully this trend will continue to branch out onto EVGA's lineup.
  • JackNaylorPE
    I think EK has done very well with Asus and MSI .... and to a slightly lesser extent Gigabyte... The MSI Seahawk X EK 10xx series cards w/ full cover WBs are a great option that I'd ike to see expanded to other brands and. However, I'd like to see less focus on LEDs tho.
  • Eximo
    Hmm tempting for my Gaming 5, but I just topped it off the other day after giving it a week to work out some of the remaining bubbles.

    Swiftech Apogee XL isn't RGB, but I set everything to white anyway. Little disappointed actually, the really clear plastics show a bit of purple tinting and the more opaque stuff looks slightly green. (Shifted it a little green to compensate, but then the clear stuff looks a little blue)