Emoji Key Featured on Microsoft's Latest Keyboards


Microsoft revealed two new keyboards on the official store—each designed with dedicated keys for Office 365 and the Windows 10 emoji menu.

At present, Windows 10 users can access the emoji menu with the keyboard shortcut Windows + ;. This brings up an on-screen interface to choose from a selection of emojis and even kaomojis—the ones that look like this: (●'◡'●).

The new dedicated emoji key, represented with a smiling face, would cut the time it takes to access this menu in half. A new Office 365 shortcut key also makes an appearance. This key features the Office 365 logo and opens the program when pressed.

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Microsoft Ergonomic KeyboardNoNo$59.99 (€54.36)
Microsoft Bluetooth® KeyboardYesYes$49.99 (€45.30)

The new keyboards are similar in design to previous Microsoft keyboards. The biggest change is the layout, which now supports the new dedicated keys.

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard

(Image credit: Microsoft)


The Ergonomic Keyboard features a traditional split down the middle. The new emoji/Office keys are in the bottom right corner.

Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

(Image credit: Microsoft)


The Bluetooth keyboard is much smaller and described by the Microsoft team as sleek. The new dedicated keys are also in the bottom right corner, replacing the right Windows key and right-click menu key.

Although spec information on these keyboards is listed on the Microsoft website, they won't be available until October 15th.

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