Enermax Takes AquaFusion All-in-One Cooler Line to 360mm

(Image credit: Enermax)

Enermax has expanded its AquaFusion line-up with a 360mm RGB-capable unit. as spotted by German publication HardwareLuxx. This is the predictably named the AquaFusion 360 and seems very similar to other all-in-one CPU coolers of this size. 

The AquaFusion 360 comes with a dual-chamber water block that keeps the pump in the colder water stream to extend its life. After this, the fluid travels to the cold plate, where it gets injected centrally and travels outwards in two directions. This is supposed to offer better cooling results and lower hydraulic restriction than running it over the entire cold plate in one direction. 

(Image credit: Enermax)

There's RGB support on the water block and on the three fans, which are interestingly called "SquA-RGB" fans. It comes with an RGB control box, but you'll most likely want to connect the unit to your motherboard's addressable-RGB header.

The tubes come with neat braiding around them, and the radiator is able to dissipate up to 380 watts of heat.

Enermax's pump runs at 3,100 RPM, and the fans run at 500-2,000 RPM with PWM control over the range. Whilst the fans will produce between 17 and 32.6dBA of noise, Enermax does not specify a pump noise level.

Pricing is at €120, which is quite friendly for a big 360mm unit with three fans. We expect slightly lower street pricing in the U.S. based on the current prices on the AquaFusion 120 and AquaFusion 240 on Newegg.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.