Enermax Reveals New PSUs, Chassis, And Cooling Products

Enermax is one of the oldest PSU brands. The company faced financial problems, but it seems to be on its feet again and has expanded its portfolio to include chassis and cooling products. We visited Enermax's booth at Computex to take a look at the new products. As you are already aware, RGB lighting is the de facto feature for quite some time now so it is natural for any brand to try to keep up with this trend.

The Revolution RGB line consists of four products with capacities that range from 750W to 1200W. Those PSUs support addressable RGB lighting synchronization with compatible mainboards, meaning that users can program their own effects through software. The Revolution RGB PSUs also include a push button on the front that allows you to manually change the RGB colors and lighting effects. These products include a fully modular cable design, 50°C temperature rating for full power delivery, and a twister bearing fan which is supported by a semi-passive operation. There is no information available on the release date and pricing, and Enermax didn't comment on the OEM behind the Revolution RGB line.

Like several other brands, Enermax has teamed up with ASUS in the TUF Gaming Alliance. The company is releasing the semi-modular RevoBron TGA series that is practically the same as the plain RevoBron line, with the only differences being the stickers and some extra goodies in the bundle. These are entry level PSUs, made by Channel Well Technology, with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency certifications. This platform utilizes DC-DC converters for the generation of the minor rails and there are two +12V rails. All electrolytic caps are provided by Japanese capacitors. The Coolergenie 2-in-1 fan controller is included in the bundle along with three RGB fans. Prices are $110, $100, and $90 for the RevoBron TGA 700W, 600W, and 500W models, respectively.

Enermax also had lots of cases to show in its Computex booth. One of them was the Ostrog ADV RGB which is expected in Q3 of this year with an $160 MSRP. The case has the following key features:

  • Addressable RGB Lighting
  • RGB-Sync support
  • USB 3.1 Type C Plug included
  • Quick release front panel
  • Modular HDD cage
  • 4mm tempered glass side panels

Enermax's new flagship Liqtech II AIO lineup includes three models with 240mm ($119.99), 280mm ($129.99), and 360mm ($139.99) radiators. The AIOs use the EF1 pump that offers flow rates up to 450 L/h. The coolers also use the Shunt-Channel-Technology (SCT) to increase thermal conductivity and support up to 500W heat loads. The water block features RGB lighting which can be controlled by an RGB-sync-ready mainboard. The Ligtech II coolers will be available in black and white and support both Intel and AMD CPUs.

The Enermax Liqmax TGA line is a member of the Asus TUF Gaming Alliance. It includes two AIOs (120mm at $69.99 and 240mm at $89.99) that support RGB lighting. Cooling capacity weighs in at 320W for the small cooler and 350W for the 240mm model. The universal mounting kit supports all the latest CPUs from Intel and AMD.

Enermax plans on releasing DYI water cooling components as well.

LEPA is Enermax's sister brand and it had an interesting PSU to show, the G1800. This is an 80 PLUS Gold rated unit (no Cybenetics rating so far) with 1800W max power (and 1900W peak) with a 230V input. With a 115V input, the unit is restricted to 1600W. It has six +12V rails, a 180mm depth which is quite small for such a powerful PSU, and a double ball-bearing fan. There is switch on the front of the PSU that enables the turbo fan mode. That kicks the fan to the full 3100RPM. This allows for increased cooling, but it also kicks up the noise level, too. 

LEPA also introduced the Aquafusion, its first AIO cooler. It comes with addressable RGB lighting and will be available in two flavors: 120mm ($79.99) and 140mm ($99.99).

Aris Mpitziopoulos
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • chhuff2
    That's not Lepa's first aio. They have had the exellusion which has clear tubing and clear pump and the aqua changer, which is exactly like enermax's liqtech 2s.
  • Aris_Mp
    LEPA's PR mentioned that this is its first AIO. Probably they meant then that it is something different or a copy of another Enermax AIO.