CCP Games 'EVE: Valkyrie' Coming To HTC Vive In November

CCP Games’ cross-platform multiplayer VR space dogfighting game, EVE: Valkyrie, launched as a limited-time exclusive release on the Oculus Rift platform. Oculus’s exclusivity to the game ended when the PSVR launched in mid-October, but PC gamers are still limited to the Oculus version of the game. Oculus’s PC exclusivity is about to end, though.

CCP Games held an EVE Vegas 2016 event on October 30 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. During a live-streamed presentation, Andrew Willans, Lead Game Designer on EVE: Valkyrie revealed that the Vive version of the game is coming in November. Willans didn’t give any specifics about the Vive version of EVE: Valkyrie and he didn’t discuss the actual release date for EVE: Valkyrie on Steam VR.

Although we don’t know the exact launch date for EVE: Valkyrie on Vive, we don’t expect to see the game make its debut on Valve’s Steam platform until the second half of November. In a blog post that followed the live presentation, CCP said that the game will launch “within weeks,” and suggested that you should check the EVE: Valkyrie blog regularly “in the days and weeks leading up to the launch for updates on this exciting development.” Check the blog on November 4 for the first Vive-related details.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.