‘Eve: Valkyrie’ Now Available On Steam, Cross-Platform Ready

CCP Games announced that Eve: Valkyrie is now available for the HTC Vive via Steam. The game features cross-platform multiplayer support for PSVR and Oculus Rift, making it the first VR game to let users play with (or against) friends using different hardware.

We didn’t have to wait long for CCP Games to release Eve: Valkyrie to Steam; the company announced it only a few weeks ago. However, HTC Vive players hoping to use their motion-tracked controllers to fly around space shooting baddies may be disappointed to find that Eve: Valkyrie does not currently support motion control, and the company recommends using a gamepad or HOTAS setup.

“Over the past year we have experimented with, and playtested, a number of different key mapping based on motion controllers," the developer explained on its blog. “While some versions provided an exotic method of input, none succeeded in matching the intuitive, immediacy of a gamepad or flight stick.”

Although the company recommends using a conventional controller, it didn’t say it will never support motion controllers.

“We are not ruling out motion control support in the future, but right now we have to complement the strengths of our game. Valkyrie was always designed to be played in a seated position, throttle in hand, with strong mechanics that encourage players to use the movement of their heads (rather than hands) to take full advantage of our VR combat.”

The Steam version of Eve: Valkyrie also features full achievement support and both of the previously-released free game updates, Carrier Assault and Joint Strike, which added cross-platform support for PSVR.

Eve: Valkyrie is available now on Steam for $60. As part of the launch celebration, purchasing the game on or before November 24 will net you a free copy of Eve: Gunjack. CCP Games is also running a double-XP weekend that starts November 17 and ends on November 21.

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  • Jeff Fx
    I have a lot of seated VR games, but just can't get motivated to play them when I have Full-VR room-scale games available. Sit-down VR was cool in 2005, but I expect more in 2016.
  • problematiq
    Took long enough.
  • JakeWearingKhakis
    Is EVE: Valkyrie a NEW game or an expansion to the old EVE? If it is a new game I might see whatsup, but it is wayyy to late in that world to join and get destroyed by all the 10 year old accounts.