EVGA and ALLBenchmark Release Special Catzilla Benchmark

In partnership with ALLBenchmark, EVGA has released its own official EVGA edition of the CatZilla benchmark. Between the original and this one, there is little difference -- only some EVGA branding added here and there throughout the benchmark.

We've never really found quite the words we need to describe the benchmark, though a number of things come to mind. The best thing we can do, though, is have you watch the video below, which is a demo of the EVGA version of the CatZilla benchmark:

Catzilla Benchmark - EVGA Version!

The 500 MB installer can be downloaded from here.

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  • Gam3r01
    Wait, this is a benchmark?
    I might just use it because its funny to watch!
    At least its better than watching a few highly detailed spheres, I like it!
    After watching it a few times you can tell it is by all the tessellation and particles everywhere.
    Very well done I would say.
  • icraft
  • clonazepam
    Almost got excited til I had to pay to run it any resolution above 1024x576... yes 5 - 7 - 6