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Going BIG: EVGA's SuperNova 2000W G+ Power Supply

For the systems that run many big PCIe accelerators, multiple processors, and also power a small heating system, EVGA is producing the power supply for you. Coming in at 2000W, only the largest cases need apply.

This unit is rated for 80-Plus Gold even at the harder-to-achieve European 230V setting, and is built on a single-rail 12V design good for 166.6 A. For connectors, a total of 10 VGA cables will be in play, although we were not told how many of those would be 6-pin or 6+2-pin. There will be plenty to go around, for sure.

The unit is heavy, and EVGA told us that the G+ unit sits somewhere between their G1 and G2 series of power supplies. The unit does adhere to ATX 2.1 specifications we are told, and EVGA is aiming for a Q4 release.

This story originally appeared on Anandtech.